Will Red Shirts Kill My Thai Girlfriend?

Will Red Shirts Kill My Thai Girlfriend?

I get some email from guys aboard telling me that they Western Union money to their Thai Bar Girls because they are having problem with Red Shirts.

They cannot go out =that’s a lie the only thing you cannot do is shopping in downtown)

Their business does not do well now =you are their business they mean they cannot get new customers.

Their family is arrested by the government and they need bail = Nobody is arrested some are dead.

Most of the Red Shirt are from the same area as your Thai Bar Girl, from North Thailand and the Isean region. If you are in to girls with dark skin and long black hair the girls from Red Shirts are your pick.You will not notice the Red Shirts in any red light district in Bangkok the only place that might be risky now is Silom and Patpong but I do not think even the reds can close down Patpong. Many of the Red Shirts are from the Pat Pong Market by the way so they will never allow it.

Whatever problem she is telling you she having because of the Red Shirts in Thailand is a lie and you do not have to worry about travel here it is very safe unless you want to join the Red Shirts?

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