Will there be Go Go bars in Thailand left in 2015?

Will there be Go Go bars in Thailand left in 2015?

I would not say we have less Go Go bars in Thailand yes but some things are talking for a decline in Go Go bars in Thailand. We took Pattaya as an example here to make it simple.

The Indian hordes

The Indian guys who come here with sex tours never visit Go Go bars they have arranged sex tours and get girls appointed to them by an agent. They also are busy visitors to the Coconut bar on beach road since the girls are cheap and no hassle for drinks or bar fines.

The Arab invasion

A kind of dead area in Pattaya before got a new name and is now called Soi Arab. The whole area around the notorious Marine II is now a Arab Mecca full with loud Arab music to until late at night.

The Arab street have started growing and taken over the area and is also creating smoking establishment along Walking Street. When a bar or Go Go bar close on Walking Street there will be a Arab joint opening in its place.

Arabs do not visit Go Go bars Arabs are not even allowed into Go Go bars it is not their kind of place so the more Arabs the less Go Go bars.

The Russian take over

Even if the Russians not claimed Walking Street yet they have claimed the areas around Pattaya. Pattaya for the Russians is what the Costa de Sol was for the Europeans long time ago and they are not really interested in Thai Go Go Bars. The Russian sex market inside Russia is similar to the Thai and they have no reason to go all the way to Thailand just for sex. The Russians who come here want seafood and sun and enjoy themselves, many of them also come in couples for a quick holiday.
There is what Thai calls “Russian GO GO bars” but they are for the Thai and Arabs not for the Russians. The girls working inside these places are not Russians but from Uzbekistan.

There is for sure some normal lonely Russian guys that wander inside a Thai Go Go Bar but not many and not to cover for all the Europeans that left.

The European and American withdrawal

The generation that created the GO GO scene in Pattaya & Bangkok (Phuket never had much of a GO GO scene) and supported the establishments are now old with wife and kids. They visit the Go Go more like a walk into memory lane when the wife is away with the kids. The Dollar and Euro is out and most venues have added Russian to the menu.

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