Ya Ba Ya Ice Thai Girl Drug

Some readers wrote back to me and asked how they can know if the Thai Girl taking drugs of any kind. I will only talk about the most common drugs right now in Bangkok and Pattaya. Cocaine is mostly used in the Bangkok clubs for rich kids and so is Ecstasy. Marijuana is mostly smoked in the islands in the south and among other Thai people and will probably not affect you. But the Police have discovered last fields of Marijuana on the islands outside Pattaya if you care to swim for some.

If she is not into drugs she might be into sleeping tablets many Thai bar girls use them for sleep since their sleeping habits vary so much.
But if she is taking drugs the most common drug for Thai to take is the drugged smuggled from Burma called Ya Bah- Yaba- Ya Ba, meaning crazy pill. You probably heard your girlfriend call you or someone Bahhhhh. Well this pill make you like this crazy. The pill is a poor man’s drug sold from 100 – 300 THB.

About Ya Bah

Derived from synthetic amphetamines, its ingredients include salt, household cleaning products and lithium from camera batteries. It is usually a red or orange tablet although it can sometimes be green.
Yaba causes powerful hallucinations and can keep the user awake for many days.
Regular use is linked to lung and kidney disorders and can cause paranoia.
Yaba is addictive and habit forming. Coming off of the drug can lead to severe depression and suicidal urges.



New Drug in Thailand

The new drug in Thailand is Ice or Ya Ice as it called in Thailand and it brought in mostly from Iran of all places. Apparently the Arabs are great consumers of the new drugs and since the influx of Arab have sky rocket the last year so have the drug.

About Ya Ice

Crystal Meth refers to its crystalline appearance and users experience an intense rush or a powerful feeling of euphoria immediately after ingesting any form of Crystal Meth. Smoking Crystal Meth is the most used method, but it can be snorted, taken orally, injected intravenously, or inserted into the anus.
When a regular user of Meth has missed out on a dose, they will become anxious and crave for the drug. If he or she stops using it, they will experience withdrawal symptoms and will spend more time sleeping.
Side effects associated with Crystal Meth include, high blood pressure and heart rate, twitching, repetitive behaviors, diarrhea, nausea, insomnia, irritability, panic attacks and incessant talking, paranoia, Meth mouth (teeth decay and fall out), cardiac arrest and brain damage.

ya ice

ya ice

If you new girlfriend is addicted to any of these drugs you should probably dump her at the same bar you found her. Fighting her bar addiction and drug addiction will make your life more than miserable.

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