You must love Pattaya

You need to celebrate the Thai bar girls they are something special and when it comes to Thai bar girls Pattaya is number one. Where else in the world can a man

  • Have a wife that is younger then is oldest daughter from the first marriage.
  • Be over 50 years of age and have a tomahawk hair cut and get away with it.
  • In wheel chair dumped by your ex girlfriend in Europe now having a drop dead Thai girl.
  • Dress in a Yellow suit and on golden bicycle and still have a good-looking girlfriend.
  • Have no clue about dress code and how to be cool but still have the coolest girl in town.
  • Weigh in over 220 kilo and have a girlfriend that weighs 1/5 of you.
  • Have more girlfriends in a month then he had in other countries in lifetime.
  • Change gender without anyone asking any questions.
  • Have a girlfriend that is a boyfriend and nobody lift an eye.

If you have any more love for Pattaya and Thai bar girls send them to us.

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